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Does Mobile Terror Radiation Have Cancer? Know whether your area's tower is safe or not?

Does mobile towar radiation affect health or not? This question bothers many people. Many people believe that different types of diseases are caused by mobile tower radiation. Because of this, many times people do not allow mobile towers around their home. Even some societies etc. goes to the court to not feel the tower. Some such incidents have seen a lot in the past few years. Most of these were connected to the installation of the tower at different places of Reliance Jio. Now telecom minister Manoj Sinha has launched an online portal named 'Tarang Communications' to clear the illusion of mobile towers.

With the help of portal, the illusion associated with the waves emanating from the mobile towers of electromagnetic emission i.e. will be erased. Telecom Department has launched this portal. With this help, the location and location of mobile towers in any area can be traced. The portal has been launched three weeks after the verdict in the case pending in the Supreme Court regarding removal of the tower against BSNL. In the case, a 42-year-old man from Gwalior (Madhya Pradesh) had lodged a complaint that he had cancer with radiation near the house, at the radiation. This is the first time in the country that the taver has been removed only on the complaint of a person. This portal has been launched to prevent such incidents in the future.

According to the information, this portal was being developed for a long time. With its help you can see the towers surrounding you. The portal has data of 12.5 million base transceiver station (BTS) present in the country. You can also look at the types of these Towers 2G / 3G / 4G to see if they comply with the EMF compliance norms.

This portal explains the roofs and the towers on the ground with the help of map. For this, you have to go to the portal and choose "Locate Tavo in Your Area" option. After that it will ask you name, email, mobile number etc. and email will come with a one time password (OTP). By conforming that you will be able to see the surrounding towers by putting their location in the search bar.

But still you feel that there is more radiation in your colony or area or there is other problem related to mobile towers, you can also go to the "EMF Measurement Request by Public" option by taking an on-site EMF survey. In which you will have to pay 4,000 rupees. After that the staff of the department will be able to come and test within a few hours.

Does Mobile Terror Radiation Have Cancer?

If you have to answer this question in one line, we would like to tell you that this is not the case. Mobile towar radiation does not cause cancer. It is argued that the waves coming out of the mobile towers are not so powerful that they can have any effect on your body. Indian Radio and Imaging Association President Dr. According to Bhavin Jhakharia, "We have been living between X-ray radiation for more than 115 years. But no relation between radiation and cancer has yet been ascertained. But talking about mobile tower radiation, it's different. It is not even fully x-ray radiation. Mobile towers radiation is just a kind of radiation. But there is no such harm from this. "

On the other hand, Professor of Indian Institute of Science According to Vasant Natarajan, "The cellphone's photon does not have enough energy to change your DNA. The energy coming from the Sun on Earth is 1000 watts per square meter, which is not harmful for us. The energy released from cell phone towers is less than ten thousand times as much as 0.1 watts per square meter. "Standing in the sun, the body gets Vitamin-D. But there may be heat stroke and sunburn even more in the sunlight. Therefore, excessive amount of anything can be damaged for the body. Due to this, some security standards are taken care of with mobile towers.

Now if we talk about mobile towers, then it has been between us for the last few thirty-forty years. Many organizations including the World Health Organization (WHO) have researched the impact of mobile towers on humans. Along with this, around 25 thousand studies conducted in different countries have also been highlighted. It has come to light that there is no relation between mobile towers radiation and human health. Even in India many times it has been told that there is no loss of health on mobile towers due to the safety standards. This is the most stringent security standard in India.

Directors of the High Court Committee in India

According to a committee set up by Allahabad High Court in January 2014, electromagnetic field (EMF) emission from cellphones and their towers has no effect on human health. The Government of India is also strictly monitored in this matter and strict security rules remain in this case in India. If a violation of the rules is found, a fine of Rs. 10 lakh can also be imposed on the company.

Telecom Department has given a wide range of research and information on this new portal. Along with this, the typical video and articles are also available on this topical. Those you can see on wave communication. If you have any suggestions or opinions about this, do not forget to share it with us and comment.

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