Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Italy to share data on Facebook, set to get Rs 35 crore worth of votes on WhatsApp, will be hearing in India today

On one hand, there is a hearing on the privacy policy of What'sapp's privacy policy in India today, and on the other hand, the ongoing debate over the same issue in Italy has stopped. 
The Italian Anditrest Authority has ordered the penalty of filling 3 million dollars for a fine of about Rs 35 crore in the case of giving user data to Facebook. The case was heard on Friday.
It is worth noting that whitsapp had changed its privacy policy some time ago, to improve its service, it is going to share data from the user with Facebook. After that, many users of What'sapp's World have also opposed the move. In India, including Italy, Germany etc. cases were filed against it.
In this case Italian Competition Wachdag has asked WhatsApp to delete data from the user directly. A similar decision was made by Germany in this case of What'sapp. On the other hand, WhatsApp and its proprietary company Facebook say that he will talk to officials about this. The company says it is reviewing the decision and will soon respond to the authorities.
Let me tell you that Facebook bought Whatsapp for 19 billion dollars in 2014. Since then, Facebook has been making many changes in WhatsApp Whatsapp. Facebook has the privacy policy of What'sapp's which is an agreement with the user. Along with changing it has made several changes like the new status feature. Because of which the company has suffered criticism. Although Italy could impose a penalty of up to 5 million dollars for Whatsapp. But at the moment, 3 million dollars will have to pay the WhatsAppSpace.

Hearing in India today

A similar case is also going on in the Supreme Court in India, in which the bench of five judges is hearing it. A petition was filed due to changes in the privacy policy of What'sapp. After that, at the earlier hearing, Whatsapp's lawyer told in the court that users who have trouble with the new policy can stop running WhatsApp. On the other hand, the Government of India has made it clear in the matter that they will soon be going to make a regulatory body that can take decisions in such cases.

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