Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Project Treble - Now, Google will immediately get the new Android update, know how?

The Android operating system is currently the most popular and used in the world. Google constantly launches Android's new version and keeps adding new features to it. Google's latest Android version 7.0 is Nugget. Soon Google Android OS is going to launch. But sadly, most Android smartphones are still running on version one or two years old. Smartphone companies do not update their phone's operating system for many years. The user missed the latest feature using this feature.

Most other companies like Apple have also been ridiculed for running on older versions of Android smartphones. Apple gives instant updates to all of its devices. But Google has taken stern steps to update all Android devices with the latest version. Google has now launched Project Treble. Google has launched Project Treble with latest version Android. With this, Android smartphones can now get latest updates on time and will not have to wait longer than a year.

How will it work?

To release the project treble, Google has taken inspiration from its app ecosystem. According to this, when a developer creates an app, he works on almost all devices. That means, while developing the Developer app, it is worth taking into consideration that the app can work on almost all devices with a slow processor, more RAM and smaller displays. Keeping this in mind, Google has launched Project Treble in which Google will launch new Android updates for most devices.

Previously there was a delay in updates

Android flowchart

Google says that after launching the new Android update, he went to the chip maker. The company then went to the company that means the maker of the smartphone maker. Who, according to him, had made changes in that original Android update. Further this device maker sent it to the mobile carrier for the technical reception, which was releasing new updates to the user's installation. After the release of Google, three steps were added separately in this entire process. In these stages, different teams took some time. Because of this, after the introduction of the new Android version, many times the smartphone companies took up to one year to update their device.

All the Android devices running Android O with Project Treble will get the latest updates immediately. Google Android OS is launching soon.

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