Tuesday, 16 May 2017

What is 'Vanakrai' RanSware Cyber Attack? Know how to protect your computer from it?

There was a news last week that it has come to know that around 150 countries of the world have come under the jurisdiction of a cyber attack. Hackers are sending dangerous ransomware to each other by link, email and other means. So far, more than two lakh computers have been caught in the world. This cyber attack is so dangerous that after infecting a computer, it targets all other computers connected to it. After which it starts calling for about $ 300 to $ 600 bittoine. "Wanakrai" RanSware is the most dangerous cyber attack ever. In this article we are going to tell you what is this? And how is it spreading? With this, how can you save your computer from this cyber attack?

What happens to "Wanakrai" RanSware?

  • Wancry is a kind of RanSware program that runs on Microsoft Windows operating system.

  • This ransomware is so dangerous that it takes control of your computer completely. It does not allow you to use your computer's data only on it.

  • Once installed on your computer, it locks the file etc. If you want to use the data then you ask for ransom or money from you.

  • The most important thing is that it is targeting the computer lapatap running on Microsoft's Windows operating system. Especially those Windows computers that are still running on very old versions like Windows XP etc.

  • Once the system is in effect, it shows a window in the computer. In which it asks for $ 300 If you do not pay money or ransom within 3 days, it doubles the amount and after 3 days it starts asking for $ 600. Bitcoin is a digital currency that is more prevalent on the Internet. Wanna cry

What is RanSware?

Just as there are many types of antivirus. Ransomware can be different in the same way. The attack that is currently present is RanSware type and its name is "Wanakrai". Ransomware is a kind of software that takes control of your computer system and asks for money.

How Does Vanacrai RanSware?

To avoid "Vanakrai" RanSware, it is important to first know how it spreads. As we have told you that this is a kind of program that is installed on your computer. So if you have installed an unknowable program / software on your computer with a wrong link or email or pen drive. It may be with that in your computer, this RanSware also installs. Once installed it is so dangerous that even if you give it the ransom amount, it is not certain that it will open the computer's lock. It may also be that once you have given money, you keep asking for more money again.

RanSamware spreads here, rumors spread together

  • According to the information, this RanSware has spread in the computers of top institutions of Russia, Ukraine, Taiwan etc. including India.

  • According to the latest information, it has spread to computers of one or two banks of India, State Police Department etc.

  • In India, a message is also being spread on WhatsApp, that due to this RanSware, ATMs of all the banks of India have become hacked. As a result, one-

  • Two days are going to close your ATM. We want to let you know that it is completely rumored and is a false thing. RBI has not given instructions or advice to banks to close the ATM.

  • Computer of most of the banks of India is safe from this attack and at the same time their ATMs are also safe. In this way ATMs are not going to stop in India.

  • Indian IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has informed on Tuesday that this attack on India has been affected.

  • Andhra Pradesh Police Department's computer has also hacked this RanSware. According to the information, computers of 18 police units have been hacked.

How to save your computer

Save your computer

  • First of all, keep in mind that Vanakrai RanSware is only spreading in computers running on older Windows operating systems. So if your computer also has an operating system below Windows 7, then update it and install the latest operating system on your computer.

  • After this, install a latest Antivirus program on your computer. You can also install Microsoft 

  • Security Essentials. It will save you from any kind of cyber attack on the computer.

  • If you have already installed an antivirus, then update it once.

  • Do not click links or attachments from any type of link or attachment and email while running the Internet. If someone you know also sends an attachment or link to your email, open it carefully too.

  • Keep blocking popups on your browser.

  • Keep backups of all types of files, photos, etc. saved on your computer in a separate hard disk.
  • India's Digital Security Agency CERT-In has issued a red alert about this. Visit their website to get more information.

  • To prevent this RanSware, Microsoft is also sending security updates after one. Whatever you can install in your system and keep your system updated.

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