Thursday, 11 May 2017

Why do smartphones become hot? Find out the reasons and fix it!

There may be several reasons for smartphones being hot, especially in the battery area of ​​the phone it is much warmer. It's normal for the phone to be hot. In the last few days, there are reports of explosions and incidents of smartphone blasts from Samsung to Shomei, LYF etc. Samsung galaxy note 7 has to return millions of phone calls due to the fact that the battery is being fluttered. Note 7: We have seen many incidents of battery bursting in the past. But the question is, what happens in smartphones? After all, what is the reason that the phone gets hot and sometimes it explodes and it also creates a fire.

Smartphone's lithium-ion battery has a process called 'Thermal Runway'. This is a condition in which the hot-hot battery gets more heat and the situation becomes alarming. No matter how many companies try to make a smartphone compact, take all kinds of security over the battery, but it still remains somewhere else. However, there may be an accident even if the device does not find a place to get the heat out of the battery.

Many times you may have seen that the phone charges for a long time, it gets hot. Not only this, if you have played a game for a long time or have been screening for a long time with many applications, then the situation of getting hot.

Why is the phone hot?

The heating of the processor - first it was equal to no, but nowadays it is expected to give a presentation from the processor that it is also happening now. For example, when a smartphone with Snapdragon 615, 801 and 810 processors gets more gaming, it gets heated and can be felt in the warmer part of the processor's phone.

Workload - Running a lot of apps in the background also results in devices. Due to this load the phone gets hot.

Weak signal - This is also a reason given by most smartphone manufacturer company which is also right. The weak or volatile network keeps the antenna more active and the phone gets hot.

The surrounding temperature - it is very important to know. You can not expect from the phone that it also changes its temperature according to the outside temperature. The temperature in most places in our country is around 35 to 38 degrees. In addition to adding the temperature of the battery, we can assume that the phone works in 38-40 degree temperature which can be many times more often for the phone.

Hardware Defact - There may be a hardware deficient in your smartphone, but its probability is non-existent. Even so, it can cause problems for your phone heating. In this case, when you buy a phone, then you will start feeling the heat of the phone after a few days.

Apart from these, accessories used with smartphones such as battery cases may also be due to the phone being hot. A battery case charges your phone, but sometimes your phone may become unusually hot.

In all these cases, if you do not know why the phone is getting hot. Then you can do one thing that many apps do not play at one time. The second thing is that do not use many phone features together. Do this till your temperature of the phone is not normal again.

Smartphone heating graphics

The problem of heating the phone also affects the life of the battery and it starts to finish quickly. Each smartphone is built in such a way that it can work well in a particular kind of temperature. In this way the battery life of the smartphone is also maintained. For example, Apple iPhone works well with temperatures from zero zero degree to 35 °. However this range may be different for different devices. So if the temperature around is high then you can not expect to work properly from your smartphone.

How to fix heating issue or temperature?

Sometimes, some small things are such that you can control the situation. Here are some of the tips below that can prevent your smartphone from getting unexpectedly hot.

Use Original Charger - The charger given by the company is best for use. Even if you have a universal charger, use it less and charge the device only with greater original charger.

Keep an eye on apps running in the background - using an app is a habit of switching to the second app on the Home button. This way, dozens of apps are open in background at the same time many times. So if you are not using these apps, keep them clean from time to time and keep them off. This will also keep your phone's battery safe.

Replace the old battery - If you have a phone that is outdated but still works perfect, but if its battery is quick or hot, then you should consider replacing a new battery in it. If you do not want to replace it, then at least show an expert at least once.

Do not use the phone while charging - Users who play a lot of games, their batteries are quickly discharged. In this situation they start playing the game by charging the phone. This is a very wrong habit. Not only this, the phone gets hot quickly. Rather it also eliminates the phone's battery life.

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