Friday, 30 June 2017

How to make a touch screen display of any lapatap?

How do you know if you can make a touch screen display of lapatap from your earliest ordinary. By making a touch screen display touch screen, many things can be easy. Nowadays, many laptops are already coming up with a touch screen because Microsoft has made its Windows operating system touch friendly. Now a company called Neonode has made such a device that will change the laptop to any old touch in touch screen as well.

This company's device is now available to buy Airbus in India. It is sold on Amazon India website. It comes in 13.3 inch, 14 inch and 15.6 inch size. So if you have a laptop size with these display size, then you can change its display to touch screen.

The three sizes of the airbags are now available in India and now even with discount on them is also going on. You must know that Apple had just launched its MacBook with the Touchbar last year. But with the help of airbase, you can turn the entire display of other lapataps into a touch with a MacBook.

You can also click on the link below to buy a different size airbase.
Neonode AirBar 13.3 "
Neonode AirBar 14 "
Neonode AirBar 15.6 "

This device, named Airbird, can work on any operating system with lapataap etc. If you have a MacBook of Apple or a Windows Laptop of any company, then you can change your LAPTAP display to the touch screen. The company had just launched this device some time ago and was found in other countries. But in India it has just been available for sale.

How Airbase Works?

As you know, laptops of many companies are coming to touch screen nowadays. But airbase is very easy to use. The length of the thin airbase, as long as a scale, is placed at the bottom of the screen of the lapatap screen and starts to work as a screen touch of the lapatap. Like the airbus magnets, the lapatap sticks at the bottom of the screen. To begin this, you have to connect it to the USB port of lapataap. After which it will start leaving invisible waves. With the help of which the display touch screen is created.

So if you too have been troubled by your old lapatap and want to enjoy lapatap with a new energy, then you can buy airbags. Comparing claims that Airbark can work with wearing gloves in hand. It is easy to use and the airbase is placed below the screen only with the USB port. It can work on Apple OS, Microsoft Windows, Google Chrome Operating System.

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